Print design and sewing pattern designed by Anna Breathe. Made with two layers of digitally printed 100% cotton fabric, designed to be worn with a filter for optimal protection (sold with PM2.5 filters). Disclaimer: this is a non-medical mask.


Style 1: Features an adjustable double over-the-head strap and an aluminium nose wire for a secure, customisable fit. (See Style 2, for the option of adjustable ear loops).


There are two print variations: Design 1 and Design 2, as well as a plain option. (Select an option to see the corresponding photos.)

Masks are machine washable, please read 'Washing & Care Instructions'.


Contents of package you will receive for Style 1:

- 1x Mask with an adjustable double over-the-head strap

- 3x PM2.5 filters - 2x Aluminium nose wires

- Washing & Care Instructions

Handmade Washable Face Masks (Style 1 - Over the head)

Print Options
  • Before washing, remove nose wire and filter from the opening in the lining .

    To keep mask effective and sterile, after 8 hours of use change the filter and wash mask in a 40°C - 60ºC wash.

    Hang out or iron dry, do not tumble dry.

    Warning: do not iron over the elastic head strap, especially avoid the silicone adjusters!

    As an alternative to - or between machine washes, hand wash in soapy boiling water, rinse and iron to sterilise.

    Store in a paper envelope or fabric pouch between uses.