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Print design and sewing pattern designed by Anna Breathe. Made with two layers of digitally printed 100% cotton fabric, designed to be worn with a filter for optimal protection (sold with PM2.5 filters). Disclaimer: this is a non-medical mask.


Style 2: Features adjustable ear loops and an aluminium nose wire for a secure, customisable fit. (See Handmade Washable Face Mask (Style 1), for the option of an adjustable double over-the-head strap).


There are two print variations: Design 1 and Design 2, as well as a plain option. (Select an option to see the corresponding photos.)

Masks are machine washable, please read 'Washing & Care Instructions'.


Mask dimensions:

Tip of nose to start of chin measures 7cm.

Top of mask to start of chin measures 10cm.

Depth of chin measures 7.5cm.

Total height of mask measures roughly 18cm in a curve.

Total width of mask across nose measures 22cm.


Contents of package you will receive for Style 2:

- 1x Mask with adjustable ear loops

- 3x PM2.5 filters

- 2x Aluminium nose wires

- Washing & Care Instructions

Handmade Washable Face Masks (Style 2 - Ear loops)

  • Before washing, remove nose wire and filter from the opening in the lining .

    To keep mask effective and sterile, after 8 hours of use change the filter and wash mask in a 40°C - 60ºC wash.

    Hang out or iron dry, do not tumble dry.

    Warning: do not iron over the elastic ear loops, especially avoid the silicone adjusters!

    As an alternative to - or between machine washes, hand wash in soapy boiling water, rinse and iron to sterilise.

    Store in a paper envelope or fabric pouch between uses.

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